Our competencies

Everyone wants to invest in greener construction if the economy is also sustainable. That is the basic idea behind our design method. And through 50 years of working on sustainability, we have shown that it works.

Our professional expertise

We are a team of Architects & Engineers who have worked with sustainability for more than 50 years. We have a strong mix of experience and competencies that make us green from the start of developing sustainable construction.

What we draw is what we build. And what we build must be usable, durable and beautiful for the benefit of the users, because the more the architecture is used, the more sustainable it becomes. Usability is about making the architecture spatial, so that there is room for the users’ desire to act. Sustainability is about building with the climate and creating buildings and places in balance with nature. Beauty is not a luxury. It is about creating identity that makes users proud and makes them thrive. The architecture is only beautiful when users thrive in it.

  • Idea presentation
  • Construction program
  • Project management
  • Outline proposal
  • Project proposal
  • Authority projects
  • Tender projects
  • Execution projects
  • Professional supervision
  • Construction management
  • ICT in construction
  • BIM Design
  • Process design
  • User involvement
  • Do it yourself – projects
  • Choice of materials
  • Life cycle assessment LCA
  • Total economy LCC
  • Energy design
  • Sustainable design
  • DGNB certified construction
  • The voluntary sustainability class

The climate challenges of the future place great demands on the physical design of the city and landscape, the environment and the framework of our social life. Our vision is to think green from the start and create areas where there is a balance between buildings, squares, planting and people.

  • Comprehensive plan
  • Masterplan
  • Urban development
  • Area renewal
  • LAR + climate adaptation
  • Mobility + infrastructures
  • Residential buildings
  • Construction projects
  • Courtyards, urban spaces and squares
  • Planting + greening

Sustainability is the way we work and think. We set green goals for all our projects and insist on creating more value with greener construction. With our material bank, our builders can make material choices on an informed basis, and through certification schemes, our builders achieve transparent and rigorous processes with measurable results.

  • Certifications and screenings
  • Choice of materials
  • LCA
  • LCC
  • Green investments
  • Energy optimizations
  • Indoor climate (thermal, atmospheric, visual)
  • World goals
  • The voluntary sustainability class

Increased rainfall presents us with major challenges. We help our customers find tailor-made solutions to these challenges, whether it is underground installations or water management on the ground. We provide professional advice right from the first lines on the drawing board to handing over your climate-proof areas.

  • Sewage separation
  • Sewer renovation
  • New plant
  • Management coordination
  • Delay system
  • Leakage systems
  • LAR
  • Design
  • Tender
  • Professional supervision
  • Construction management
  • Risk factors and finances
  • Preliminary studies and planning
  • Work environment

The right energy advice helps to make your building even greener. For decades, we have provided energy advice to housing associations, owner and cooperative associations, institutions and commercial properties, and our goal is always to create environmental improvements that ensure financial gain.

  • Indoor climate
  • Operational control
  • Heat accounts
  • Water accounts
  • Water damage
  • Design
  • Moisture problems
  • Instruction of heating masters
  • Teaching mold
  • Mold examinations
  • Offer service ventilation systems
  • Offer replacement of extraction systems

Our construction design is created with great respect for building traditions, with a material awareness and with a certainty that buildings must be allowed to change over time. We find the most optimal and green solutions in close collaboration with both builders and contractors.

  • Wood construction
  • Modular construction
  • Load-bearing masonry
  • Half-timbering
  • Concrete elements
  • In-situ concrete and foundation
  • Concrete remediation
  • Steel structures
  • Reinforcement projects
  • Comprehensive plans
  • Design

Plumbing installations ensure well-being and comfort. Among other things, they supply our buildings with pleasant heat, healthy air exchange and clean water in the taps. When plumbing installations are continuously maintained and replaced, we extend the life of the buildings – it is a green investment that gives a plus on the bottom line.

  • Protection against sewage and rainwater in basements
  • Drainage, water and heating installations
  • Ventilation systems – mechanical, natural and hybrid
  • Gas system
  • Refrigeration systems – systems based on own cooling or district cooling
  • Sprinkler and Inergen systems
  • Solar heat and heat pumps
  • Indoor climate – simulation, measurement and studies
  • Condition assessment
  • Operation and maintenance, as well as troubleshooting
  • Energy labeling

Green investments in energy-optimizing electrical installations provide economic returns. Among other things, we advise about installations that utilize the sun’s forces and the earth’s heat, and about digital systems that automatically regulate lighting and ventilation systems for the benefit of both the indoor climate and the wallet.

  • Supply and switchboard systems
  • Power installations
  • Lighting system / LED lighting and circadian lighting
  • Intelligent building installations
  • Building automation / CTS systems
  • IT installations
  • Security systems: ADK, AIA and ITV
  • Fire protection systems: ABA, ABV, ABDL
  • Emergency and panic lighting
  • Elevators and lifts
  • Solar cell systems
  • Energy optimization
  • Emergency power system
  • Lightning protection system
  • Grounding and transient protection

We provide fire technical advice and prepare fire technical documentation as well as assess the potentials and limitations of projects in the light of the current fire regulations. As fire consultants, AI handles the level of safety for fire protection in your building in close collaboration with our architects, engineers, designers and partners.

  • Fire technical documentation
  • Certified fire advice
  • Fire strategies
  • Fire and space allocation plans
  • Operation, control and maintenance plan (DKV)
  • Authority meetings

Design method

You can read more about our Design Method here