Brief, good and green about AI

We are a team of Architects & Engineers who solve climate challenges and urbanization with greener construction. We believe that greener construction is driven by sustainable economics. Therefore, we optimize areas and buildings where we convert the green effects into economic income.

At AI’s offices in Copenhagen and Odense, we set green goals for our projects, so we get a good grip on the green solutions regardless of the size of the project.

AI has offices in Copenhagen and Odense

The future can be shaped. The future can be improved

Although the weather is getting wilder and the cities are growing, it may well be possible to create greener cities where more people can live with a lower climate footprint. We have a good grasp of the green through more than 50 years of work with sustainability. We do it not because it’s easy, but because it makes sense.

Two offices, a common goal

We are architects and engineers. We have offices in Copenhagen and Odense, and we are united on a common goal: to create more value with greener construction. That is why we work in green teams and with our design method we ensure that sustainability is thought of from the start.

We value the collaboration highly, with an ambitious and pragmatic approach to the task

Get green from the start. That is our design method.

How do we solve the challenges in construction? We have developed our very own design method. Here we gather a green team of architects, engineers and users with a focus on sustainable economy, user architecture and smaller climate footprints. This is how we create more value with greener construction.