If you are ambitious, then work for us

The most important prerequisite for working at AI is that you are ambitious, pragmatic and can collaborate. If you also want to help drive the green transition, we look forward to hearing from you. Write to us if one of the postings below sounds like you.

We seek...

Architect trainee

Do you want to join AI's green architect team? Here, designers, engineers and architects work closely together on the design from the start.

The best applications are unsolicited

Can you recognize yourself in our green profile but not in our job postings? You can afford it. Write to us and explain why we can not do without you on our green team.

We can not promise that we have a job for you right now. But we dare to promise that we read your application with an open mind and would like to offer a cup of coffee.

At AI, we value the interdisciplinary collaboration between designers, architects and engineers.