Villa Copenhagen

Former Central Post Office building at Copenhagen Central Station transformed into a first-class hotel and urban meeting place

The whole town house

In 2020, Copenhagen will have a unique and exclusive hotel called Villa Copenhagen. As the name indicates, the hotel has ambitions to become the entire city house, and with 390 rooms, three restaurants, a rooftop swimming pool and good capacity and conference facilities, there is a basis for the hotel to become a new social scene in Copenhagen for both tourists, business people and the citizens of the city.


Historic and modern

Villa Copenhagen is established in the former Central Post Office building in Tietgensgade, and today the house’s more than 100-year-old history merges with modern design and sustainable luxury. Beautiful details have been preserved, and especially the building’s worthy of preservation has been renovated with the utmost respect for the original French-inspired and neo-baroque architecture. Large-scale transformation of 25,400 m² It has taken many years of hard work to transform a 25,400 m² building into a first-class hotel. AI Arkitekter & Ingeniører has provided client advice and technical engineering services. In the early stages of the project, we have coordinated the project between the client, architects and authorities, and as an engineering consultant we have been responsible for all technical installations for the large hotel.


Technical solutions for unique design

A luxury hotel in an older, fragile building places great demands on the engineering profession for technical solutions that can both match unique design solutions and ensure future customers high comfort and a healthy indoor climate. As an engineering consultant, we have worked closely with the architectural firm Krook og Tjäder to find the right solutions that suit the spirit of the place and the original style of the building.


Located in new city district

Villa Copenhagen is located on the post site, which in recent years has been transformed into a new city district. It is a large-scale project in the absolute center of Copenhagen with a very large number of stakeholders. We have therefore collaborated with authorities, the client and architects to find solutions that make Villa Copenhagen make a positive contribution to the hotel’s immediate surroundings.

Green initiatives

Residual heat from the ventilation system heats the swimming pool on the roof, and CO2-friendly district cooling has been installed, which among other things consists of cooling produced via free cooling from seawater.

Facts about the project

Period : 2016 - 2020

Size : 25.400 m²

Form of business : Turnkey enterprise

Collaborators : Arkitekterne Krook og Tjäder

AI's rolle : Contractor advisor, Engineering consultant